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About Bleu's Bubbles

At Bleu's Bubbles Pet Salon it is our mission to provide the best and most thorough dog grooming services available in a fun and loving environment. Not only do we provide exceptional service, but we also provide a fun and loving atmosphere for the animals. I have been an Orlando area groomer for over 25 years and truly love what I do. It is a privilege to work with animals in such an intimate and loving manner. I have lots of training and skill - in fact, I train others - but I think what sets me apart is that everything I do, I do from the heart. Bleu's Bubbles Pet Salon is not just my job it is my passion. It is important for me to know that I am making a difference in the life of every pet that enters my doors. I believe that every dog (or cat) should have its day and understand that every animal is unique. In order to best serve your your pet, we tailor each treatment to his or her specific needs; choosing the most beneficial combination of shampoos and conditioners and the best techniques for drying and grooming. If you are already a client at Bleu's Bubbles, we thank you for your patronage. If are not a client, we invite you to give us a try. We are always happy to make new friends and expand our family!

~ Melissa Jones, Owner

Services We Offer


Shampoo and conditioner is applied up to three times if required. During the bath we will express the anal glands.


This step typically takes the longest depending on the coat length and type.

Nails & Ears

We take the extra time to clean and/or pluck your pets ears. We trim toe nails taking extra care not to cut too close.


We understand the needs of all different types of breeds and take your own personal preferences into account.

Day Care

Day care is coming soon. For questions please call or send an email.

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    Tel: (407)-951-8032